A goodhearted guy takes a stray cat home, and ever since then, the cat has been clinging to him

This is the kind of tale that will convince even the most cynical reader that a cat and a person can fall in love at first sight. Luke took in a stray cat and cared for it with compassion.

As expected, the cat showed its gratitude. Every time he sees his savior now, he gives a heartfelt embrace, as if saying goodbye for good.

We adopted both of them from the PAWS shelter in Philadelphia. Age-wise, they were at the three-month mark. As soon as it hit my face, this crimson pretzel started tumbling down my neck and cheeks in pursuit of milk.

We think he was taken away from his mother at an inappropriate age. I guess you could call me his mama now,» Luke, Butters’ owner, jokes.

Since the first day he and his human dad met, Butters has been at his side.

Even now, he constantly wants to merge with me by rubbing up against me, trampling me, and squishing us together. Absolutely nothing else could make me give this up.

A hug from his best friend Luke is the single most joyful thing in Butters’s life. «I’ve had Butters ever since I adopted him and his sister Cupcake.» When Luke returns home, he immediately hugs Butters.

Both are interdependent in a fundamental way. Luke’s daily ritual consists of waking up in a comforting cuddle with the family cat.Every time, Butters rushes into his arms as if it were the last.

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