A frightened mother dog started feeding the discarded kittens out of a maternal impulse to protect them

Georgia’s pregnancy was rough, and when the puppies were delivered, they all died, so she became depressed.Months of malnutrition, lost wandering in the desert, and tiredness had an impact.

By the time she found a safe haven populated by kind people, her strength had entirely dwindled.

She destroyed bedding and diapers, chewed at the aviary’s grid, and made the personnel at the animal shelter nervous to even approach her.

The day three abandoned kittens came at the shelter was the day everything altered.

The female dog’s maternal instincts kicked in, and she started caring for the abandoned kittens.

The staff at the center can’t even agree on who came up with the idea of letting Georgia the dog rear kittens. Finally, your thoughts. The dog settled down, gave the infants a good sniff, and then began to lick them.

She barely escaped with her life, but once she did, she pulled them back to her colony and started providing for their every need.

The cats, always peculiar in their ways, have matured, of course. In fact, two of them have already found permanent homes. And soon they’ll be bringing Georgia and her last surviving kitten-dog home with them.

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