A fireman saves and adopts a little puppy who was found near the site of a large fire

Many lives have been saved by Michael, a fireman. When a puppy was rescued from a rubbish fire by the Fire Department, Michael realized he could do more to aid canines.

He once embraced a Pit Bull that had been rescued by the Department and encouraged it to do the same.

So he decided to start all over again! The puppy’s road to being a member of Michael’s family hasn’t been an easy one.

Lokki, the innocent youngster, was rescued from a rubbish fire. Although he was only feet away from the flares, the dog was alright.

As a result, the firemen transported him to the Shelter in order to facilitate his adoption.

Since Lokki’s tale touched him, Michael made the decision to foster him at the shelter until he could find a permanent home of his own.

The firefighter had previously performed something somewhat similar.

For a long period, he nurtured Chuck, the Pit Bull that the former owners had abandoned.

So, like Chuck, he had to provide Lokki with a sense of security. The dog is fortunate to have a someone like him as a caretaker.

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