A father cat’s first glimpse of his kittens is the most heartwarming moment of the day

Most of a mother cat’s time is spent caring for her kittens. Unlike human dads, feline males seldom interact with their kids.

The mother cat presumably anticipated to be left alone after giving birth to her kittens, but to her surprise, their father cat arrived to see them.

In these special and endearing images, the mother is sleeping with her babies as the father strolls about admiring them.

He licks his mom gently and seems to check on her before heading to his newborn kittens. A genetic disorder that affected the parents at birth is likely to be inherited by their offspring.

Due of the thin cartilage in their ears, they seem to be’shaped. The good news is that all of the cats and kittens seem to be doing OK right now.

Every youngster, no matter what their family’s financial situation, deserves the chance to succeed.

No matter what, a parent will always be a parent.

Male cats can take care of their kittens because they are naturally protective of what is rightfully theirs.

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