A couple went to an animal shelter with hopes of adopting a cat, but the cat wouldn’t part with her closest friend, so they ended up taking both of them home

Lucy and Louie originally met at a homeless shelter. Even though Louie preferred to be alone, she clung to him desperately. As a result, they became closer to one another than ever before.

Jones and his fiancée had gone to an animal shelter in search of a puppy before they met these two closest friends, but instead adopted a pair of feline companions.

We have an apartment and full-time jobs, neither of which we considered when we began hunting for the dog.

Jones goes on to say, «Since the dogs demand so much more care, we don’t spend a lot of time at home.»

In light of this, we concluded that adopting a feline companion was the best option. My girlfriend fell in love with Lucy at first sight.

Lucy, on the other hand, was worried about abandoning her close companion.

Since this was the case, the two decided to stick around with Louie for the time being. Therefore, Lucy can quickly adjust to new settings.

A short time later, both humans and cats showed up at their house, and it was immediately clear that the two furry buddies could not be apart.As complementary parts of a whole, their connection is formidable.

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