A Child’s Hairstyle Is Tweaked by the Stylist

Even in the most peaceful homes, children under the age of five are commonly referred to be «little angels» of mischief.

Two kids, and none of them is even five years old! Alert! Unfortunately for Ohio mother Breana Naylor, she found this out the hard way when her two children misbehaved while she was absent.

While Colt, age 3, and Kimber, age 2, entertained themselves in another room, Naylor was able to take some time for herself. Alone time is very precious to her. Changes to the status quo occurred quickly today.

Eventually, she decided to be a «responsible mom» and check on her children since «a few more calm minutes went by,» she told Mom.com.

She says she was originally attracted to the long hair. According to the author, when «Colt was raising the scissors up to Kimber’s head,» she remained perfectly still «as if he commanded.»

While mom is out, every parent’s worst fear is that their kid will cut his or her hair, or someone else’s. Dad didn’t tell mom, but she saw it.

Mom.com claims that her laughter can be heard. My wife took it quite badly. Her stylist buddy Jen Bullock was informed of the Naylors’ predicament.

Forget about me and my hair, Jen; Kimber needs your help. adds. Bullock took Shears with him to his house. Naylor failed to see the talent of her friend the hairdresser.

The mother of Kimber believes her daughter has no idea how hip she seems. Somehow, «her rad hair either complements or contributes to her tough demeanour.»

Naylor’s kids do «normal toddler things» like leap off the sofa and climb the shelves in the pantry while she’s not looking.

This month, Bullock’s «before» and «after» Facebook postings about the event went viral. Bullock’s tweet garnered thousands of reactions, responses, and shares.

Someone said, «Good job!»»She has that wonderful style,» another person chimed in.

Naylor is shocked by its popularity, but he’s happy that it’s brought smiles to people’s faces. She showed the children how to use the clippers safely and effectively.

Colt «completely understands» why he shouldn’t touch Mommy’s scissors without permission.

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