A cat with such a perfectly shaped cross on its back is searching for a family to adore

Penny, a multiple orange and white cat, is donated to an animal welfare charity. Dollar was in horrible condition when he first came to the shelter, however the volunteers were eager to help him.

Despite his difficult condition, the lovely kitten was truly grateful and thrilled to receive treatment that was offered with such a lot of affection and care.

He was in desperate need of affection from the minute he arrived. Dollar was a sensitive kitten who needed someone to look after him forever, despite having all the amenities.

The friendly cat has a cardio mark around his neck that both represents and distinguishes him

Penny does have the heart to portray her unending yearning for love. The magnificent cat that walked after him every day just seems too proud to wear his soul on his back.

He also maintains his lovely image and isn’t afraid to express affection to others around him.Dollar will hopefully find a loving family.

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