A cat that was dropped from a six-story automobile will be the subject of an upcoming artwork

A Dnipr painter had his windshield shattered when a cat jumped from the sixth story and landed on the automobile.

This action is shown in a novel way by the artist, who instead depicts a two-legged runner.

The guy has decided against filing a claim against the cat’s owner.

He’s taking charge and will even pitch in to aid the four-legged friend. Is there any way a cat could have been under a vehicle and survived?

The cat’s owner claims that the feline jumped from a window and aimed for a parked vehicle below. A local grandma was the animal’s caretaker.

She told the onlookers that she had accidentally left the window open for a few minutes.

After a walk in the neighbor’s loggia, the cat became disoriented and tumbled down the flight of steps.

As luck would have it, the cat was rescued from a certain death had he been knocked off the road by the passing automobile.

He won’t even ask the cat’s owner to chip in for a replacement window.

The artist decided to portray the happy canine. In addition, the creative person hopes to aid the creature in its own self-care.

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