A bald eagle and a crow in flight were the subjects of a series of breathtaking photographs taken by an unknown photographer

Photographer Phoo Chan, whose work has been on the front cover of National Geographic several times, took these stunning shots.

This is the first time anybody has ever caught anything like this.

Crows are notorious for their hostility against bigger predators in their region, as Chan points out.

Those pesky birds will not quit in their chase of trespassers.

The crow doesn’t seem to be making any attempt to catch up to the eagle in these shots.

However, the white-tailed eagle sees no issue with its feathered friend’s trespass into its personal space.

As you can see, the crow even came to a halt and climbed on top of a large bird. It’s as though the stars aligned just for us!

An unexplained rudeness or an unheard-of bird connection that no one else is aware of is all that can be speculated on at this point.

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