A 7-year-old girl’s luxuriously long hair becomes viral on the internet, and no one believes it’s real

There doesn’t seem to be any «photoshop» in these pictures of infant Mia. Nonetheless, the youngster became an Instagram sensation thanks in large part to her stunning mane of hair.

Mia Aflalo is the name of the adorable young lady that has everyone smitten with her radiant green eyes, kind smile, and absolutely stunning mane of hair.

This beauty is so hot, she has her own own hairstylist named Sagi Dahari.

He tries all he can to get Mia’s hair ready for the camera so it can look as it does in the shampoo commercials.

Sagi initially had a role in the girl’s rise to fame, as his first posting of her images resulted in their immediate publication by several other fashion and beauty-related organisations.

There isn’t much known about Mia Aflalo, the young Instagram star, yet she has amassed more than 47,000 followers despite this.

Mia’s Tel Aviv residency was revealed owing to this account.

There have been many who have speculated that the infant is wearing a wig, or that the entire mystery is a hoax.

Sagi, though, tells us that the girl was born with hair so stylish that it seems like it was designed for shampoo commercials or beauty pageants.

Mia is a model client at the hair salon; she sits still, doesn’t make any noise, and grins the whole time.

Mia’s enthusiastic insistence on being called «Princess Mia» by the hairdresser earned her the title.

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