You may see who has returned after a 150-year absence here

Alpine martens may be returning to the southwest of England after a 150-year hiatus.

They’re working with experts in Exmor and Dartmor’s public areas to identify two potential distribution points.

With the help of local neighbors, ranchers, landowners, and others, 2 Mors Marten Program is assessing the environmental effect of its initiatives.

For sport in the Victorian era for their fur, they were captured from the southwest in the 1880s and tormented by gamekeepers.

As a result, a review conducted this year determined that south-west of Britain was a good location to relaunch an introduction campaign.

In order to maintain the vitality of these ecosystems, the Wildlife Trust’s insurance director Ed Parr Ferris stated, «It is crucial that we restore the organic life of animal movements that keep these sites alive and working.

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