With the adoption of tiny ducklings, this dog demonstrated his affection for them

In the biological sense, a family is a grouping of two or more individuals. Unavoidable events, on the other hand, may sometimes alter the meaning of this statement.

Adorable puppies like this one belong to animal-loving families who have amassed quite a collection of rescued creatures.

All the animals with troubled histories looked up to him as an older brother. He was always there for them, helping and protecting them.

Nine baby ducklings were found wandering about the castle one day, all alone, without their mother at their side.

That seemed strange, so the castle staff started searching for the mother ducklings in the area. When the search turned up nothing, the crew surmised that she had become prey for a fox.

Because they feared the same tragedy would befall them, they welcomed the smaller animals into their larger brood.

At first the dog’s behavior toward the ducklings seemed odd. He began enveloping them with his paw and taking care of them.

As a result, the ducklings have adopted the dog as their father and follow him around like he’s their father figure. Aside from sharing a place to rest and eat, they also take turns swimming.

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