With over six hours passed before a baby goat was rescued after becoming trapped in a stand irrigation pipe

It took the team of workers two months of hard work to free the lambs from the other uncovered irrigation pipe.

The Georgia Department of Health has a team of dedicated volunteers who put in a lot of work to save the life of a twelve goat.

After the goat got himself buried, it was difficult to pinpoint where he was. Due to a shortage of rescue gear, the rescue operation had to have been put on hold.

The following day, they came back with nothing but a snake camera to try to find the goat.

However, they could make no use of this sophisticated equipment. With such little time, the team decided to excavate close to the building’s entry point for the pipe.

Intelligent rescuers had to rely on their instincts. That being the case, they started chipping away at the concrete, and eventually a hole was formed.

Incredibly, they were just about 2 m away from the hole we dug for the defenseless little goat. Therefore, the gang was free to approach the helpless animal without fear of being attacked.

The horse’s owner grabbed it by the muzzle and settled it down so that the rescuers could conduct their task without hurting the animal.

The crew worked hard for six hours to get the goat free. Without rapid assistance, the newborn goat might suffocate in the toilet.

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