Why was a guy so alarmed by a bag swinging on the street, and what was in it? An incredible amount of thought gone into it

A guy and his dog were taking a walk along a railroad track in New York when they saw a terrible scene.

The group saw what seemed to be a bag on the move, wrapped around five people.

The guy peered inside and noticed a little puppy. It’s possible that the dog will make it because of their quick thinking and knowing what to do.

Choco is continuing to heal and adjust to life in the company of humans while authorities dig into the incident.

Choco was discovered by the guy inside of a two plastic bags and a zipped sports bag. Each of the plastic bags’ handles has a lock of the same design attached to it.

The dog feces seeped through the sacks, suggesting they had been there for a while. The guy knew he had to do something quickly.

Shortly after we took Choco in for his delayed medical visit, we found him a beautiful permanent home. Many people are interested in adopting the courageous dog, but she is not yet available.

Nonetheless, there are many more creatures waiting for their everlasting homes to be found.

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