Why is the road being blocked by the police?

Police obstructed a roadway on Sunday to deter traffic from striking the happy ocean lions as they walked near the middle of the track.

Genti Cena, a dedicated photographer, was getting back from a vacation around 8 p.m. at the point when he walked across the scene and decided to grab her.

His images show authorities employing cones to block off the roadway and protect the ocean lions, who had lately gotten free from a metal barricade erected a little distance down the sidewalk.

Genti said: «I noticed someone posting on Facebook that the ocean lions were moving towards the street and the cops prevented them with metal walls.»

«When I arrived there they had gotten away from the wall and were on the sidewalk mending the relationship.»

«After 30 minutes two officers arrived and impeded the roadway from the two sides.»

«I left after thirty minutes and the ocean lions were still there, I assume they grabbed them then chased out to the ocean.»

The vertebrates then disappear into the ocean around April, when the hatchlings are old enough to cope with being in the seas.

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