While swimming in the pool, Grizabella’s tummy sprang out of the water in front of Cam

When it’s hot outside, nothing beats a refreshing plunge in the pool. The summer months are almost around the corner, and this individual is ecstatic about spending time at the neighborhood pool.

Solitary Vision, a wildlife conservation institution in Florida, is home to Bruiser, an endangered grizzly bear.

Despite its age, this song always brings a grin to my face. He opted to cool off in the water during the summer heat.

About be accurate, a belly flop is what I’m referring to.

Unfortunately for us, an animal welfare worker chose to grab their camera and record the whole incident, including the bear’s infamous smile at the end, which we may now enjoy.

When finally released online, the film rapidly became a viral hit.

What we believe words can’t fully explain is how amazing this bear is, on the other hand! This summer, we need Bruiser’s help.

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