When you witness what a Blind Dog performs, you’ll believe in magic

A trip to Florida with Kylie’s Shiba Inu, Catana, was a no-brainer for the young man.

In addition to the various difficulties he faced on the 1,200-mile journey, having a canine friend that couldn’t see him made it much more difficult.

By the time Catana began to lose her vision, she was an accomplished climber. She had finished the 2,300-mile journey with the assistance of her father.

But less than two years after losing her left eye’s vision, Catana’s temperament changed considerably.

Even though it was difficult for Rohrig to accept that their undertakings together had come to an end, he acknowledged that Catana might maintain the design of a house and live the remainder of her life in peace.

Rohrig found out how to restore Catana’s faith in herself and her abilities as she became acclimated to monotony.

We had been eating and sleeping on her visual insufficiency for a long time, but on the journey, we’d also be inhaling it.

«She was overjoyed at the prospect of exploring new places with us.»

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