When you see how long this kitten has been employed by this company, you’ll smile

Bobbo, 9, was brought in as a cat by a shop employee because he was homeless. Bobbo was taken to the vet by a pet sitter who showed up with four of her own cats.

It seemed like his new coworkers had a keen interest in him. According to media reports, Bobbo’s caregiver, Anne, started working for the group.

He appreciates being able to greet customers as they walk in the door from the walkway. He has a special scrubber at the entrance of the business where he eagerly spends his efforts relaxing.

He’s the same way, a curious cat that enjoys peering out the window! Anne said something. «He has complete control of the store!» Anne commented.

As far as I know, he’s the only employee who didn’t go home at night.

It is Bobbo’s primary job to sit and wait for the cardboard to fall to the ground.

Customers are grateful to him for this. With the choice to yell at them when they show there, he’s thrilled. He inspects the store with an eavesdropping demeanor.

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