When the rescued pig was given her own swimming pool, her response was nothing short of amazing

When Billie bought her first pool, she’d never even swum in one before. When she showed up at the salvage focus, everything changed.

As of right now, the water-loving pig can’t get enough. You remark, «It’s a big hit with her.» Cuddling or devouring are her go-to activities when she’s not in the water.»

More than three hours were spent watching the Kunekune pig cautiously enter the pool by Friedman.

In the long term, Billie’s success was not hampered by the fact that they had to keep an eye on her for her own security’s sake.

While living in a moist rain basement, Billie had to put up with the constant threat of water damage. Her and her pig brother, Moby, have given her a new lease on life.

The neighborhood swimming hole isn’t Billie’s usual hangout. This hungry fisherwoman has her mouth open, waiting for anything that could fall into the water.

Friedman still gives Billie credit for the concept, despite the fact that she is now living her best life.

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