When the man discovered a stray puppy, he carried him to his car, and it smiled nonstop

This lovely dog was rescued while he walked the streets of New York twelve years ago, and he hasn’t stopped smiling since then.

The dog has a remarkable habit of imitating human smiles.The puppy’s owner,Jake, recognized the dog’s extraordinary ability right away when he first met him.

He claims he carried him into his car and sat next to him when he first observed him. Jake was pleased and quickly adjusted, and he noticed a smile on his face.

He had no intention of getting a pet, but when I saw him smiling on the street from the window of a car, he was so tender that he understood he had to take him with him.

Jake believes he did the right thing and that there was nothing more he could do.

The man searched for the owners for two months without success. As a result, he chose to make Billy a permanent member of his family.

Billy still displays his gratitude with the same bright smile many years later.

Jake, who works as a director, claims that the dog simply smiles, and that his expression has grown permanent and recognizable over time.

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