When Rescue Chicken wants to have some fun, she plays a game of chicken

His sister Luco is a chicken—and Guso the senior salvager didn’t expect that to happen. Luco is now obsessed with her brother.

Fortunate expects to accompany Guso wherever he goes. It’s not uncommon for it to include a gentle smooch on the cheek to wake the baby.

No, she doesn’t intentionally try to wake him up every day.» Yet she typically asks to be right next to him, if he is in a same room.

She’s happiest when she’s right next to him. On account of Guso, Choate believes that Luco rests more than a typical chicken.

When we’ve previously viewed my mother’s dog from a distance, Luco refused to interact with her. The two have a deep relationship.

One of Choate’s favorite pleasures, according to him and his buddies, is gazing out the living room window.

To further complicate things, Fortunate was born with a «wound neck» and a «apathetic eye.» Choatie took Luco without considering Guso’s reaction.

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