When it comes to finding food in the environment, a panda’s colour helps it blend in

It has been found that pandas’ skin is quite black. Is there a function for this variety in nature?

Since they were able to analyze images of the creatures taken in their own backyards, scientists have discovered that shade is good to pandas.

Pandas are known for their ability to blend into their surroundings because to their black spots.

In the summer, the effects of heat build up white spots, and in the winter, the accumulation of snow leaves white spots.

Additional camouflage is provided by the light earthy-colored skin of a few pandas.

It was decided to examine the images using a unique approach that examines diversity as well as examples and grandeur.

As the results show, pandas are able to fend off competition from critters with a more identifiable appearance.Our Chinese friends sent us a picture of wild animals, but I couldn’t see any pandas in the picture.

If I couldn’t see the panda with my eyes, it meant that hunters, with their poor eyesight, would have no choice but to miss it, explains Tim Caro, a researcher at the National Geographic Society.

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