When it came to it, the father slept next to a dog

There are people who adore and respect dogs, and there are those who shun and despise their dogs.

Her’s been a long time since Raquel Rodriguez last saw Oliver, and she assumed her family wouldn’t tolerate her.

Oliver says he was happy to meet the dog, but his family could have done without it; they used to have cats but were afraid of dealing with them.

Despite their initial scorn, Oliver’s parents eventually warmed up to him and eventually fell in love with him. canine.

Rachel’s family got madly captivated with the canine since she was special to them.

He had become a member of the family at this time. Oliver got a stomach ache at one point, and he didn’t feel well. My father sat on the floor with him, rubbing his stomach all night long.

Oliver and Rachel’s father had such a strong bond that when Oliver noticed the sleeping dog, he immediately covered her to protect her from the virus.

They’re so similar now that even my dad has trouble telling them apart.

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