When Grandma awakened, she saw two adorable foxes playing on her doorway

In the event that you live near a forest, you may be in store for some pleasant surprises Even the timid and wary foxes, who tend to avoid humans, are sometimes seen.

This is precisely what occurred when the cubs commandeered the porch of a private residence and turned it into a makeshift playground for themselves.

It occurred at the residence of an elderly citizen from Illinois. She was able to get her hands on a few photos of them and post them online.

The cubs arrived to the pensioner’s home as soon as the sun came up on a sunny spring day.

Initially, just one cub peeked in, but after seeing the woman’s delight at seeing him, he brought his brother along the following day, and the two of them came almost daily afterwards.

It wasn’t long before the lady realized her mother was observing them from the bushes.

The photographs were a huge hit on social media, and many people expressed their admiration for a lady who is able to spend so much time with such high-quality company.

Animals are pure delight, no matter what comparisons are drawn to these pictures from a fairy tale film.

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