When another foster kitten arrives, another cat sets out to greet it

Recently, a little cat was rescued. Her mother had had enough and decided to give up on her daughter. She was taken in by a salvage group.

As soon as the shelter workers saw Luna’s name, they knew she had a wonderful personality, one that was kind and engaging.

The kitten came into the shelter at the age of around three weeks and learned how to behave quickly. Cat returned to her room after being cared for.

In her foster home, she had no clue how to attain the things she wanted.

Luna requested her adoptive mother for more time to gain weight when she was a month old. Suddenly, he became aware of noises emanating from the next room.

Another of Luna’s relatives had the potential to become her closest confidant right away.

The owner intended to deliver them once the new cat had settled in for a while, but tiny Luna was impatient.

The new cat was given the name «Lucky.»

His age matched Luna’s when they spotted him wandering around a house’s yard. Owner: ‘He was quite energetic and enjoyed higs,’ he adds.

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