When a trader decided to adopt a puppy, he didn’t know who he was getting

It seems that having a dog as a member of the work team is much more effective than just acknowledging dogs, as was the case at a Hyundai dealership in Serra, Brazil, in Espirito Santo State.

Because of his closeness and friendliness with them, the canine was adopted by the reps after just a few weeks.

He was cleaned, inoculated, and dewormed by Hyundai reps, who also built him a little housing within the showroom.

You may get a glimpse of him playing from time to time, but he has a deep understanding of the balance between work and play and is well aware of his responsibilities.

Since he is both the ambassador and the face of the company, he goes out of his way to test drive cars for potential customers.

The Tucson Prime tale was also widely spread on social media when the store posted the details on Instagram and customers reacted immediately.

The news has now spread to other social media platforms, such as Twitter, where people can’t stop talking about it.

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