When a stray dog grows up to be a happy puppy, what happens?

She feared that a dog like Choco would never be welcomed by the other dogs at the shelter.

An officer from the Department of Animal Care and Control was called to the scene in April after two good Samaritans saw him walking the streets with two separate canines.

Choco’s origins were unknown since he had neither microchip or collar to identify him.

Is the Pit Bull Terrier a family dog? How long had he been living on his own before this? Despite the cover crew’s best efforts, Choco refused to divulge his true feelings.

Receptionists took Chase to the ground level after a five-day hold. Gonzales believed that the child would never be able to find a home since he was so little. However, his family were able to locate him to a surprising degree at this time.

He went missing in November, and his owners were horrified. They put up posters and scouted the region for a long period with no results.

Choco’s disposition suddenly changed as he saw his family entering the sanctuary’s main door.

Choco is now safe and sound in the arms of his loved ones.

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