What is the most lovable trait of a rescue dog?

Aside from the fact that he owns a second house, he has enough going for him. Das’s affection for the retriever’s «boopable» nose is evident in a series of lively images.

Das made this choice after seeing the popularity of Frank Forthright’s photography and deciding to feature them more often on her blog.

My partner took a snapshot of his nose to demonstrate how happy he was as he was smiling at her.

We couldn’t stop laughing because he was so captivating. After that, nothing else matters.»

Each image captures the animal’s distinct personality. In order to draw emphasis to Frank’s nose, Das enjoys placing a flower on top of it.

In the words of Das, «Frank thinks they’re the finest things ever.»

A clinical understudy is being housed by Frank to allow him to attend more clinics in a month.

Hugging, making people laugh, and showcasing his talents are some of his favorite pastimes. His relationship with Das, on the other hand, is the most important one.

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