What exactly did the walrus do with the boat, which belonged to an unknown party?

Walrus Wally has spent a significant amount of time in European waters, a far cry from the Arctic where he regularly resides.

Before floating farther south, he was last seen sleeping on an ice shelf in Greenland a few days ago.

While Wally may be adjusting to the new surroundings, he seems to be making the most of it.

Irish distillery workers have praised the rascally walrus at Clonakilty Distillery in Ireland The seizure of one of their ships moored at sea was clearly his decision to take a break from the combat.

To top it all off, Wally rapidly became a familiar face. Wally was clearly exhausted, and he’d found a comfortable spot to lay his weary head.

Collins claims that Wally was sleeping on the boat when night fell and its owners returned to dry land.

They had to give up their vessel’s usage that day due to the confiscated walrus, but they didn’t have to be concerned.

Collins characterized the encounter as «astonishing.»

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