What do you think How Australian flower girl looks like

A short search on Instagram will reveal that this young lady has swiftly become a viral sensation.It’s all down to the way her hair is styled.

Through our own observations, we found that this hair problem often appears in infants, but often resolves completely or significantly by the time the affected kid enters their teenage years.

There have been about a hundred documented cases of this oddity, but experts say that the change is more common than previously thought.

Fascinatingly, this only seems to effect those with really light hair. They were a glaring problem from every angle and there was no way to control them.

Over time, they completely changed the child’s darkness, making it resemble a dandelion seedling.

Note that the girl’s arrow hair grew for just two years and has been the same length ever since.

Since she was four years old, when other kids started noticing her «unique» hairdo, the young girl has been self-conscious about it.

She was self-assured since her parents always encouraged her and provided a good example.

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