Well-known artist’s incredible «monkey selfies»

Photographer Slater traveled to Indonesia in 2010 to capture images of primates. Slater mounted the camera on a mount and walked backwards during one of the shoots.

Several photos were taken when a female photographer noticed the focus and pulled the remote trigger.

While many of the images were of poor quality, there were a few gems among them.»Monkey Selfies» were coined by Slater when he saw them.

Certain academics and groups have questioned Slater’s complaint about copyright infringement on the images since a monkey is not a person and thus cannot be the copyright holder.

At the time, everything was in Slater’s range of view because of his talent and strategy to let them fool around with the camera.

I knew monkeys were going to play a role, and I had planned ahead for it. In retrospect, I recognized the possibility of images being shot.

David Slater promised to donate a quarter of the money he made from the sale of these photos to a fund dedicated to the conservation of endangered animals.

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