Watch the donkey’s hilarious reaction to a gift

We’ve put up an entertaining article on the following topic: The jackass’ fantastic answer to a present was to walk on your back legs and bounce.

The owners gave the jackass a new toy. They shared a video of the creature’s incredible reaction to virtual entertainment.

It’s well-known that this critter enjoys nothing more than kicking about a soccer ball. If that’s true, then the old toy has been replaced with something new for the animal.

The animal was hit by a new slug just in time for holiday celebrations. In the video, you can witness the creature’s ecstatic reaction to the treatment.

A blue ball was thrown towards the animal in the shot. When he finally grasped the concept, he ran and bounced in ecstasy. While standing on his hind legs, he continued to make a variety of cries.

Individuals successfully commented on the video using virtual entertainment:

The smallest of things may provide the most joy to a creature.

If this animal is happy, it is because of its owner. There is no such thing as a terrible pet, just a lousy owner. When I first saw this, I thought, «Oh my god, this is the most adorable thing I’ve ever seen.»

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