Watch as the 23-kilogram girl undergoes a dramatic transformation

Many women want to be as beautiful as the cover girls of fashion publications.The women all around have such lovely hair, complexion, and smiles.

Everything you need, save a flawless physical form, is present.

They consider that to be sufficient weight loss. They just drink water after reducing their portions. They have reached the point where they are too exhausted to even stand up straight.

Xenia had a similar transformation when she committed to losing weight. And in her pursuit of the «ideal,» she disregarded all norms.

She had been a model, but she suddenly started looking like a skeleton 10 years ago. She turned to a TV show for advice.

This woman gave me the creeps. At 158 cm in height, she weighed 23 kg.

Xenia shuffled along with an uncomfortable gait. She was so overweight that only medical help would do.

The girl, who was originally 48 kg, starved herself to become a model. Even for a model, this was too much, so she began to improve herself.

The young lady reduced her supplies and rationed her items before switching to water.

There was a natural loss of weight. Xenia’s excitement caused her to pass out. She halted her diet. The doctors were able to heal Xenia.

She put on weight and improved her appearance over the course of a decade. She works at a salon where she helps women feel like queens.

In other words, Xenia went back to her old routine.

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