Visitors to the dog’s enclosure are given the warmest of welcomes

When you see Specky the shelter dog, you can’t help but say hello. In time, Specky became renowned for welcoming everyone who went by by standing up and extending his paws.

Workers at the shelter described him as «desperately in need of love.» It doesn’t matter what you do to him as long as you touch and hold onto his paws.

Managers dislike it when workers leave before they’ve finished cleaning or other tasks.The wait for someone to notice him had been about a year and a half long.

He seems to have an unshakeable belief in humans and animals, despite his upbringing. He just wants to be loved and taken care of in this life.

The shelter staffer remarked, ‘He’s simply so focused on winning the favor of people that he doesn’t care about anything else.’.

After his story was widely publicized, he was taken in by an animal rights organization. They, too, performed well! Currently, he lives with his owner’s other dogs on a big, private patio.

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