Unbelievably lucky rescue of a severely wounded cat with charred whiskers and paws

Firefighters rescued a 4-week-old kitten that had been trapped in a burning garbage. For first assistance and additional care, she was transferred to The Animal Foundation

The kitten was shivering and covered with burns when delivered to the facility. Savannah was the baby’s name. She was prescribed painkillers.

The wounds, which proved out to be fairly severe, were then treated by the vets.

Her burnt paws needed bandages and pain medicine to heal. Burns had caused the skin on the paws, tail, and face to flake off.

She was particularly vulnerable to burn diseases because of her early age. Although she was under constant surveillance, there was nothing to be concerned about.

The kitten was adopted by a kind family and given all the attention she needed. According to the owner, she’s eating well and doing well.

She adds that this cat has shown from birth that it is a warrior and will recover rapidly. Savannah will remain in the care of her adoptive mother until the end of her therapy is complete.

Thanks to those who aren’t indifferent and give to the shelter; the shelter appreciates all of them. They will continue to update their social media accounts with news on newborn Savannah.

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