Two friends went out for a stroll when they came upon a building with the shape of a pair of shoes

Scientists have uncovered another another hidden gem in England. The first building was shaped like a large boot and was situated in the woods next to a cliff.

These considerations make it imperative that the team members protect the discovery’s location at all costs.

The author of the 1794 collection of fairy tales that included the poem «The tiny old woman who dwells in a shoe» has never been determined.A mom with a big family manages to get by with almost a shoe home.

Only the line before that one will be affected by this modification. Only the «boot’s» front face has been preserved in any significant way.

Scientists shared a photo of the structure on Facebook and asked the public for help tracing its origins.

It’s interesting that individuals of different upbringings have such divergent viewpoints. A lady, so the story goes, formerly lived here in the 1950s.

The beginner’s house is sometimes dismissed as the «kids’ zone» of a much bigger theme park. The researchers found equal validity in both views.

A lot of people’s dream houses resemble something out of a fairy tale, and that’s because they are.

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