Together, an abandoned dog and a stray cat go on a road trip

Isn’t it preferable to travel with others rather than by yourself?

Dogs and cats are fantastic travel companions if you love traveling with animals. Having a cat and dog with you will make the experience much more enjoyable.

To make their visitors’ visits more delightful, Gendry and Bikey are an amusing pair.

If you don’t believe in the friendship of dogs and cats, Gendry and Bikey will show you otherwise. They seemed to be meant to be best friends.

These four-legged hikers have been traveling with their owners for years, and each of their memorable and intriguing journeys.

In order to help Gendry out, Bikey is allowed to perch and even climb on Gendry’s head on lengthy treks, where he likes resting.

Animal-lovers will fall in love with these two best friends, who do everything together.

Gendry & Bikey’s owner is a gifted photographer, so we can enjoy his lovely photographs on Instagram even if we can’t experience their incredible journeys firsthand.

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