To have the dog give birth in their own home, the family travels 12 hours

A lucky star witnessed the arrival of a stray puppy that needed a good home. The next Texas winter would have prevented the dog from nursing any more pups..

When she met Amber and her husband, she was welcomed into a wonderful, supportive family.  Amber made sure to create a peaceful, private space for labor in the house two weeks before giving birth.

The Texas weather was becoming cool. The dog had its first puppy when the power went off. The first newborn dog lost body heat quickly after birth.

They activated the hot water supply and all the fixtures.

With the birth of the fourth dog, Amber understood there was nothing she could do.

What did they need to keep themselves cool in the cozy chamber, have a dog, and look after the small ones?

As luck would have it, everything worked out well. After adopting the dog from the shelter, Amber was resolved to provide her with the finest care possible.

And no matter what, she remained true to her word.

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