Those rare photos show the orca leaping out of the ocean at a distance equivalent to three stories

In their mature form, orcas may weigh up to 8 tons.

Dexterity isn’t something you’d attribute to something that large. However, these incredible animals may leap several meters out of the sea.

The wildlife photographer has recently taken some incredible, seldom seen photos.

At one point during its hunt, a massive orca jumped out of the water and hovered in the air at the level of a two- or three-story home.

Off the coast of California, wildlife photographer Christopher Swann captured an adult pack hunting whale, measuring 10 meters in length and weighing 8 tons.

Swann saw a real-life hunt take place as an orca saw a dolphin and dove for it.

All we can say is, ‘We got fortunate. The orca surfaced roughly 7 meters from the vessel. It swooped down toward our boat, and I braced myself for the hunter to pounce at any moment.

«Thank God, everything all turned fine,» Swann said to the press.

Two hours were spent on the pursuit. At the finale, the orca sprang several meters out of the water, soared through the air, and splashed back down into the sea. Catching up to the prey now.

The photographer had incredible luck to get these unique photos. It seems that this is the greatest recorded leap by an orca.

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