This preterm infant’s mother was constantly documenting her child’s development via photographs. Here, see the unbelievable progress that has been made

These days, many individuals share their experiences through online platforms.

This affords us the opportunity to see a wealth of fascinating and possibly even inspiring experiences, some of which may ultimately shape our worldview in the future.

There was a time when Melissa and her kid from Michigan made national headlines. Truth be told, tiny Grace entered the world at the 23rd week of gestation.

Melissa had major health issues at the time, and physicians encouraged her to take this drastic measure to preserve her mother and unborn child; she did not have any regrets about doing so.

About 500 grams was the weight of the newborn girl. Melisa’s mental exhaustion during two weeks in the ICU led her to seek solace in social media.

A young woman has shared pictures of her baby and the narrative of her delivery and recovery on the internet.

Melissa said that she need this in order to get encouragement from others who could relate, and that she was certain that her experience may be of use to others.

A regular, healthy baby, Grace had finally put on enough weight a few months later. They were about to say goodbye.

Grace’s development is clearly seen here.

The care and attention of his parents have allowed him to thrive, and he is now a healthy, active infant.

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