This picture of a young African child has gone viral; just look at where he is now in life

Anja Ringgern Loven’s post of a picture she took of a little African kid being fed by a volunteer quickly went viral throughout the globe.

The lady has been a volunteer for quite some time, making frequent trips to places where aid is much needed.

Anja included a remark regarding the boy’s future in this photograph. When his parents discovered his witchcraft, they sent him out onto the street.

During this time period, there was a band of con artists operating in the area.

They convinced many parents that their children were really sorcerers, and in exchange for a hefty payment, they would «heal» the kid.

However, the boy’s family chose to just abandon him.

For eight months, the boy slept outside and subsisted on garbage he discovered.

He was fortunate to meet Anja, who brought the little kid to Denmark and put him up in her own shelter with other «foundlings» from Nigeria.

At first, the youngster was unable to catch up to his friends’ level of growth and was very underweight.However, with time, he started to feel better.

And now he has many of friends at his new school, where he’s doing well academically and where he has high ambitions of one day volunteering with underprivileged kids.

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