This kitten has been suffering with its sense of self since since it was rescued by a gang of huskies

The kitten was abandoned on the streets of the southern bay area of California when she was only a few weeks old and left to fend for herself.

The lone stray cat was feeling a little alone.

They adopted the cat, along with their other furry family members, including a gorgeous Siberian husky called Lilo, after the three sisters who discovered and rescued it.

Lilo, the husky, and the kitten formed a great bond as a result of this.

To everyone’s surprise, this horrible, fighting kitten would evolve into a brave canine, but with a very particular behavioral style. No one could have foreseen this at all.

An unexpected change in the karma of an abandoned kitten was about to take place, and it had nothing to do with the fact that she was only six weeks old.

Thoa Bui, a Californian, was active in a wide range of activities beyond merely pet ownership.

She had a long history of animal rescue, and her love for them only became greater with time.

Thoa wasted no time in welcoming the stray cat into her house and making her feel at home after discovering her with her sisters Thi and Tram.

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