This kitten has a bright future ahead of it, and it’s the most beautiful thing you’ll ever see

Charming and adorable, this cat has a very unusual pair of eyes. More than 250,000 people have openly expressed their admiration for him. There is also a rising number of followers.

Because of this, you may wish to inquire more. Yes, because of his enticing appearance, amusing wit, and abruptness.

Raquel, his new owner, took him in around two years ago. He’d just turned a year old.

Raquel knew she had to be the one to bring him home when she fell in love with him immediately away. He is an inquisitive and energetic cat.

Doing the laundry is another one of his favorite pastimes, as is washing the dishes.

He enjoys the spotlight and is an avid reader. «When I shower, he loves knocking stuff off the sink,» Raquel tells the audience.

‘ He, too, enjoys finding ways to squeeze into the tiniest spaces. His Twitter account is in addition to his Facebook and YouTube pages.

There’s even a fan-made illustration of him! Raquel is the director of a non-profit dedicated to helping animals that have run out of options.

Raquel raised $4,000 for the shelter in 2019 via a series of fundraising campaigns.

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