This kitten had no one to care for her, but her large dog took her in and gave her a place to stay in his booth

It wasn’t long until Luna was adopted by a family, but they had to let her go after just a few months.

The owners of Luna, who had fostered a pricey kind of cat, took her to her grandmother after only seven months.

Even though she didn’t love Mickey and wanted to be warm, Granny didn’t need her either.

Then one day, she vanished without a trace; clearly, it was preferable to be on the street than to be owned by someone like this owner.

She found Luna’s doghouse a few days later, at the very edge of town.

When the owners of the dog Dave were shocked to see a cat hiding in the booth, they knew something was wrong.

That the enormous dog embraced and warmed the kitten is the most fascinating element of the story.

Because the proprietors won’t separate the devoted couple, they’re forced to eat from the same plate.

With the help of this, Luna became a household name in the area and was able to have a comfortable life.

The fact that this cat has finally found love and companionship, as well as someone to watch after and protect him, makes us happy.

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