This is what the youngster who ruled the internet for 11 months looks like today

There is a photo of a newborn with a closed fist and a smile on his face that has circulated the internet at least once.In 2007, when this photo was shot, Samwell was only eleven months old.

It was by chance that the shot was taken, and it was by chance that it became famous.

Samwell’s parents in Florida took him for a walk along the beach one day.

The baby’s mother thought it would be a great place to snap some cute photos.

When she directed the camera in his direction, he immediately reached out, grabbed a handful of sand off the shore, and got ready to eat it.

She was particularly fond of one photograph that had been taken by accident. She decided to release it into the wild and posted it online.

The picture was seen by many people since it was posted on a publicly accessible website. It was also actively being downloaded and shared online.

When the protagonist’s mother didn’t bother to safeguard the photo’s copyright, it quickly became viral.

Users have used the picture to create their own memes. Currently, he is fifteen years old.

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