This dog’s joy upon seeing his owner fill his pool is palpable

Intriguingly, another another male model has garnered attention from Internet users. Kain isn’t in control when he’s near water.

After his owner shared a video showing him spinning while the dog’s father filled the pool, the animal quickly became a viral sensation.

Kain’s owner took the active labradoodle on TikTok and published this on all of their other social media accounts.

Moreover, Kain’s personal TIkTok account has over 13,000 followers despite having been created just in April.

His films show how active and enthusiastic the dog is, especially when it comes to playing in the water.

Some commenters said Kain «had that cartoon run» following his hilarious dive into the pool, while others, taken with the adorable puppy, said things like «not to sound dramatic or anything, but I would jump him in front of a bus for Kain» and «Kain’s happiness is incredible.»

Despite Kain’s young age, his parents have apparently enrolled him in swim classes.

It’s just as entertaining to see Kain swimming in a big pool with a bunch of other dogs as it is to see him do it in a kiddie pool. Kain’s swimming «zooms» became a viral sensation.

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