This cat’s 31st birthday was a complete surprise to her when she adopted him in 1990

Rubba, the «Oldest Cat on the Planet,» has arrived! In her 31st year, Rubba is a beautiful British cat.

In May of 1990, a ginger-and-white cat was discovered on the side of the road as a birthday surprise for Michaela, the cat’s owner.

Hers was the most heartfelt present she had ever received.

Michaela and the cat have been best friends for a long time, and she says he is very loyal and cuddly.

As she puts it, his long life was due to his being loved and cared for «much like a kid» by everyone around him. Generally speaking, the cat is in good health.

In order to keep her healthy and stable, her own veterinarian works with her. To avoid any unnecessary fuss, she intends to let Rubba to live out the rest of his life.

Because she actually cares for her pet, and not only for the sake of money or celebrity, we think she gave a great response.

It’s a wonderful friendship between the two of them. I wish the kitten the best of luck and hope she has a long and happy life.

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