This cat went for a jog and returned with a message

It’s not as easy as it seems to take care of this cute gray fluffy. He doesn’t tell anybody else what he’s up to. It’s for this reason that he regularly abandons his owners and goes on adventures of his own.

As a result of this, it was revealed that he had been having hidden escapades.

This Thai cat recently wandered out for three days without his owners!

The last time he planned to return, he was certain that nobody could find out his plan since he was so sure of himself. As it turned out he was wrong this time. The kitten had a letter attached to him that detailed his actions.

It’s only natural that you’d be interested in learning more about what was previously there. In order to get into the fish tunnel, he had struck up a friendship with one of the merchants.

After being offered three fish at a time, the cat bit into one of them.

In spite of this, it wasn’t boring, as the general public would have you believe. The contact information of the seller was included in the message, so that the cat could be paid for.

This anecdote demonstrates that cats like going on solitary expeditions without telling anybody.

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