This adorable golden-beige pet raccoon has become an online celebrity after a stunning golden-beige haircut went viral

Yuni is a 2-year-old golden brown raccoon. Joyce Tai has an apartment in Taiwan with his owner. A golden-beige pet raccoon gets a cute haircut and becomes a sensation on the Internet.

The only difference between Yuni and his cousins was that Yuni had a great haircut. And then there’s the Internet.

Joyce, 33, takes Yuni to the yearly vaccines, when he is required to shave his head, with him. The raccoon’s fur might be shaved and styled by the animal barber.

When the dog’s back was finished being groomed, a large paw print could be seen where the groomer had left his or her mark.

Due to his new comedic persona, Yuni has amassed an enormous online following. Each day Joyce posts a picture and a story about her pet cat.

According to the animal’s owner, no one could have foreseen the raccoon pup’s Internet fame. Joyce says she won’t use her pet’s fame for her own gain.

«As a working woman, I get an average salary.» I adore seeing other people’s photos of their dogs on the internet, and it makes me happy to know that I’m not alone. To spread happiness around the world, I’d like to do my part.

Hair used to become twisted and knotted up in the raccoon’s fur, but with the new cut, that’s no longer an issue.xYuni’s large fur coat was too hot in Taiwan.

As a result, the animal’s back is now full with curled hair. After a haircut, the animal has a completely new appearance. No more raccoon fur on the floor.

Yuni started off as a phenomenon in China, but has now spread around the globe.

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