They work together on everything, and the Golden Retriever helps her cat friend raise her babies

Those who do not share our love of animals may not understand our boundless enthusiasm or the positive feelings they evoke in us.

They’re one-of-a-kind individuals that put an emphasis on unconditional love more than anything else, a feature that may be hard to find in the average human person.

Those who don’t share our love of animals sometimes can’t understand our boundless enthusiasm for them or the feelings they evoke.

They’re one-of-a-kind individuals that place a premium on unconditional love, a trait that may be hard to find in the average human.

They gradually fuse together into a single entity. A viral video of this group of friends has made them Internet sensations, and it’s evident that the dog loves the cat’s five kittens in an abnormal way.

She has loved them like they were her own kittens ever since they were little.

It’s true that not everyone is willing to put their confidence in the big furry one. There is still plenty that animals can teach us.

Genuine warmth and friendship are all that is required to build lasting bonds.

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